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Barrier Sprays. 100% natural. 100% effective.

The best way to keep your yard pest-free is with recurring barrier spray treatments. In less than an hour, your home and family will be protected from pests and disease. We will identify the primary breeding grounds and treat those areas to prevent and eliminate pest populations.

MosquitoBanUSA uses only pyrethrum-based spray solutions because we believe you deserve the best. They are naturally derived from the chrysanthemum flower and are very effective against pests without harming you or your family.

For a naturally derived, low-cost solution against mosquitoes and other pests, barrier sprays are the most effective (and cost-effective) choice.

Check out why we have the best mosquito control treatment in Raleigh by reading the FAQ on our homepage


Here at Mosquito Ban USA we want to help you have the most relaxing life possible.